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What Time Is It


  • 2010 - I Can Smile CDS
  • 2010 - New Grade CDS
  • 2011 - Hello, My Friends CDS


    What Time Is It - Харьков

    Коля Якименко - вокал, гитара
    Евгений Рябцов - бас-гитара
    Виктория Жданкина - клавишные
    Виталий aka Phazed - ударные

    e-mail: altmodern@mail.ru

    Our band was formed on the 9th of June, 2010 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Till this day three participants, namely Evgeniy, Vitaliy and Nikolay had played together in one project which actually brought us together (after a while though we left the leader of that band and based our own).

    Later, on the 9th of June, the first rehearsal with absolutely new moods and views at music was held. At this rehearsal the first notes of the future track "I can smile" sounded at once. But we started to feel some kind of lack in our sounding. After numerous offers of the drummer to add keys to our music, we agreed on this and as consequence - Victoria Zhdankina became the fourth participant of the group. Victoria easily joined the band because of her independent way of thinking about keyboards.

    Musicians do music and arrangements together carefully listening to offers of each participant. But each is responsible for hisher activity in the band.
    The most important rule of the team: "We are family!". Therefore, compromises and respect to each other - is an integral part of "What Time Is It".

    Yes, what about the name - we worked rather long over it. We wanted something simple and easy to remember. As a result it occured to us that "What Time Is It" is the phrase which everyone knows and often uses all over the world. So, here it is...