A-Net - First Sea | Тексты и переводы песен | British Wave

First Sea
It was a sea, just sea and immense cloudless heaven.
Laying on the coast, fused by sweet heat when suddenly seen you.
And I’ve thought it was good, so good to know you better
So, ten minutes later you come just to say, Hello you…

It was a dream. It was a start
It was a beautiful story of us
It was a flight in endless light
It was reflected in your eyes
Your velvet voice I always hear
Milk smell of skin I wanna feel
And I was your entirely
You was the one I ever seen

We awoke at one time, those time when felt each other
You didn’t let go my hand, my mind for minute even
Stoned we’ve forgotten about thousand of miles
Which will grown up between us
Let's live present-day daytime, enjoying each second