Maelady - Lost | Тексты и переводы песен | British Wave

You, baby, live in a perfect world
You’re looking through the empty souls
You know your only lovely place
But a person there is someone else

Sometimes you fall down to the floor and cry
You kid yourself, your time has gone
But still you often realize that
Your pretty face looks very nice
Your make-up is great

You’re dressing up, eyes shining bright
Another story has just begun
It’s an unavoidable success
It’s something that you can’t recess
It’s just a fake

It’s just a fake

Your dreams contain everything dear
And it comes in such a beautiful shape
Don’t try to look the other way
You better be yourself instead

C’mon, let’s drown our hopes in wine
Your image will always stay the same
And even if we disappear
You know that once we were so fucking near
Oh, can’t you feel?