Morning Grace - Forgive Me | Тексты и переводы песен | British Wave

Morning Grace


  • 2010 - Pictures On The Wall EP


    Forgive Me

    Forgive me for my words,
    I didn't want to say them out loud, they just came out,
    And nobody's there to catch them in the air
    And return them to my mouth, and return them to my mouth

    And I'll say sorry, if you forgive me,
    Remember the stories we always lived in,
    Those words without a doubt, wouldn't have come out of my mouth
    If I only could return to that time
    If I only could make you mine again

    You've been there with your words, you also said
    Some stupid things out loud, which could break down our love,
    I learned how to forgive, `cos life is not long enough to live
    So let's just love before we leave