Morning Grace - She's My Angel | Тексты и переводы песен | British Wave

Morning Grace


  • 2010 - Pictures On The Wall EP


    She's My Angel

    She's my miracle girl, she's my sunshine
    Nobody knows where she lives, when she turns the lights on
    She's so pretty, her eyes mirror her soul
    She's so nice with all her preciousness and love

    She's my angel
    I see the wings behind her back,
    And a light above her that shines
    She's my angel, she is my love for life
    And it's all so damn true, damn true,
    She's my angel and it's true

    When she walks down the street, she's a highlight
    When she speaks in my ear, she is so right
    When I met her, there were fireworks in the sky,
    And I won't let her go, she is forever in my life

    There is only one thing that can't have any changes
    Is that my miracle one is the one for ages