Updiverss - No One Can Play | Тексты и переводы песен | British Wave



  • 2007 - I am happy with my jacket


    No One Can Play
    Sitting here unwordly
    Waiting for the plane
    I'm feeling in this country
    Something will remain
    That something's gonna call me on
    To come back here some day
    Singing with no sound
    The song will newer die
    I'm staying on the ground
    Though I was born to fly
    Something dear is holding me
    Making me just say
    No one can play on your pipe
    Nobody shows what you show
    Nobody feels what you feel
    Nobody knows what you know
    Sitting near a nice girl
    Giving me no eye
    I'm wond'ring who did pour out
    The scarlet in the sky
    It makes me me wanna cry, hey
    It makes me wanna say