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  • 2010 - Happiness
  • 2013 - Exile
  • 2015 - Surrender
  • Hurts - Surrender (2015)
    Около четырех лет назад эту группу называли самой значимой группой в Британии. После хита "Wonderfull Life» манкунианцам пророчили славу Depeche Mode, называя их новыми электронными романтиками


Time waits for no one
So do you want to waste some time
Oh-h tonight
Don't be afraid of tomorrow,
Just take my hand,
I`ll make it feel so much better tonight

Suddenly my eyes are opened
Everything comes into focus..
We are all illuminated,
Lights are shining on our faces ....blinding

Swing me these sorrows
And try delusion for a while,
Such a beautiful night,
You've got to lose inhibition,
Romance your ego for a while,
Come on give it a try

[Chorus] x2