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The Vaccines


  • 2011 - What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?
  • 2012 - Come Of Age
  • The Vaccines - Melody Calling EP (2013)
    Выпустив новый мини-альбом, группа The Vaccines скорее подтвердила свой статус функционирующей и активно работающей над новым материалом группы, чем просто осуществила очередной релиз
  • The Vaccines - Come Of Age (2012)


Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

Pretty girl, wreckin' bar,
Ra ra ra ra yeah you are!
Growin' up, I'm twice the man,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah I am!

The angels came F. Scott Fitzgerald,
The evening news and the morning Herald,
I know the offer very far,
but I found the bastard by the car!

"Where you been?" you can say,
Hey hey hey hey yeah you may!
Will a seaman fit below?
No no no it's funny though!

Let's go home I think we oughta,
I know you're your Mother's daughter,
Well brought up; well-to-do,
I haven't got the time for you!

English boy named, presupposing,
Watch out, man, that door's a-closing,
This is what you get when you turn your back,
A clear blue sky turning dirty black!