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  • 1996 - Placebo
  • 1998 - Without You I'm Nothing
  • 2000 - Black Market Music
  • 2003 - Sleeping With Ghosts
  • 2006 - Meds
  • 2009 - Battle for the Sun
  • 2013 - Loud Like Love
  • Placebo - Loud Like Love (2013)
    Прошло уже два месяца с тех пор, как новый альбом Placebo звучит в проигрывателях и наушниках "соулмэйтов" всего мира, и, кажется, пластинка эта громче не только любви, но и всех предыдущих работ коллектива


Your eyes are almost dead
can't get out of bed
And you can't sleep

You're sitting down to dress
and you're a mess
You look in the mirror

You look in your eyes
Then you realize

Everybody goes
leaving those
who fall behind

Everybody goes
as far as they can
They don't just care

They stood on the stairs
Laughing at your airs

Your mother's dead
She said
Don't be afraid"

Your mother's dead
You're on your own
She's in her bed

Everybody goes
Leaving those
Who fall behind

Everybody goes
As far as they can
They don't just care

You're a wasted face
you're a sad-eyed lie
You're a holocaust"